Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I rent a bike?

Taking a public bike is an easy and quick procedure.

  1. Download the app
  2. Follow the instructions and register
  3. Top up your account for minimum kr 49 
  4. Unlock the bike, by scanning the QR code  
  5. After each season you have to renew your subscription

2. How can I return a public bike?

You are in charge of the bike until it is returned and locked;

  1. Find a drive area – are you unsure about these in the app
  2. Park the bike inside the boundary of the virtual drive
  3. Close the lock so that the bike is locked
  4. Finish the loan in the app by swiping the clock symbol
  5. Wait for receipt (on return, you will receive a receipt)

If you encounter problems,  please contact customer support on the phone (74 01 90 80) eller epost ( 

If customer service is closed and you must leave the bike, try to secure it or lock it and contact us the next day.

3. How long can I use a public bike for?

Levanger’s sharing system is a sort-term bike rental offer with a limited capacity for the time being. There are no restrictions on how long you can borrow a bike – just be aware of the costs that come with!

Each loan is free for the first 15 minutes, then it costs $ 2 every quarter (after 3 consecutive hourly loans it costs $ 3 each quarter).

One tip is to park in a station area from time to time for long loan periods, making it cheaper.

4. There are no available public bikes or docking points on the bike station. What shall I do?

You can park a bike inside the designated area around the station. To see the map of the stations and areas click here.

5. What shall I check before using a public bike?

Levanger’s BSS operation is being monitored in real time and condition of each part – such as public bikes – is being assessed daily to be delivered for safe use.

However, before riding any bike, you should perform some simple maintenance checks, in order to ensure your safety and enjoyment. You should check: tire pressure, brakes, gears, pedals and chain. Finally you should adjust the saddle at the correct height for you.

In case you detect a problem during check or usage of the public bike, please return it as soon as possible to nearest bike station and during locking inform the system for the problem by clicking the tab Report Problem in the APP. 

Alternatively, you can contact Support Department by phone  (74 01 90 80)  or email ( to report the problem and you will get instructions.

6. The public bike that I am using has a problem and I am far away from every bike station. What shall I do?

In case the public bike you are using presented a problem and you cannot return it to any bike station, please contact the Support Department by phone (+) or email ( to report the problem and your position and you will get instructions.

7. I cannot lock the public bike on the docking point. What shall I do?

In case you cannot lock the public bike on any docking point of the bike station, please contact the Support Department by phone or email to report the problem and your position and you will get instructions.

8. Is it safe to use my credit card?

Levanger city bikes use a system verified by VISA and MASTERCARD and payments are made through PayEx. It should be as safe to use the card with us like any other online store. You can read more about this from our supplier at

9. My bicycle has been stolen. What shall I do?

Please report the problem immediately by contacting customer service by phone or email. Theft must be reported to the police and as a patron, this is your responsibility. Normally, there will also be a replacement amount. Read more about this in the Terms.