Levanger's Bike Sharing

What is it?

Levanger’s system is a bike sharing service, which is a self-service service, on available public bicycles for short-term use over a small price. The bicycles are suited for public use from a point (starting point) to another point (destination).
The system can serve people who can subscribe and have a special application in their smartphones to receive bicycles.
The charge for use of the bike sharing system is proportional to access mode and usage time. More information on the system usage charges can be found here.
The bicycle lets you move with comfort and economy to your destination. It helps you improve your health, protect the environment from pollution and noise and enjoy your journey in a unique way.


Cycling is the most sustainable urban transport mode, feasible for short and medium-distance trips


Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a
low-impact form of exercise for all ages.


The central concept is to provide free
or affordable access to bicycles for
short-distance trips in an urban area

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